Mural won’t get a facelift for a while

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By Jackie Jadrnak / Journal North Reporter

The Halpin Building

The Halpin Building on the corner of Guadalupe Street and Montezuma Avenue has been chosen as a satellite site for the New Mexico Museum of Art. The building once housed the State Records Center and Archives. (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)

Just last week we told you about the former state Records Center being chosen to be the site for a satellite location featuring contemporary art for the New Mexico Museum of Art.

That building features a long mural facing Guadalupe Street that offers symbols and characters from New Mexico history. But it’s getting a little faded, so lawmakers passed a capital outlay appropriation for $40,000 to spruce it up.

That proposal, however, didn’t survive Gov. Susana Martinez’s veto pen last week. So, unless other money can be found to pay a muralist, the images will stay as is. At least for a while.

Besides, that proposed new museum site isn’t expected to open until 2020 — if all goes well. Plenty of time to brighten it up for the opening.


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