Thank You

We would like to acknowledge the generous individuals who have made an early commitment to The Centennial Campaign (as of 5/3/19)

Gifts of
$750,000 or higher

Robert and Ellen Vladem
The Lannan Foundation
Van Mabee
Cynthia Miscikowski

Gifts of

Carolyn Eason
Trish Foschi
Barbara Foshay
Dana and Jim Manning
Dee Ann McIntyre
Dan and Ashlyn Perry

Gifts of

George Duncan and Sheryl Kelsey
Maria and Ed Gale
James and Pat Hall
Steven and Rosalie Harris
Nicole A. Hixon
Bob Nurock
Michael and Cindi Pettit
Frauke and Keith Roth
Jenna and Wilson Scanlan
Tom Semmes
H. Garrett Thornburg and Catherine Oppenheimer

Gifts of

Anne and Jeff Bingaman
Karen and Stephen Durkovich
Carol and Steven Gray
Valerie and Bud Hamilton
David Hawkanson
Ellen and Jim Hubbell
Courtney and Scott Taylor
Claire and Jim Woodcock
Sandy Zane and Ned Bennett

Gifts of

Century Bank
Elizabeth Boekman
Glenn Edens and Amelia Bellows
FOCA+P (Friends of Contemporary Art and Photography)
Marian and Robert Haight
Barbara and Bud Hoover
Bruce and Mary Anne Larsen
Drew and Christine McDermott
Alicia M. and William A. Miller Charitable Gift Fund
Alexander and Mary Ross
Nan Schwanfelder
Robert and Judith Sherman
David and Catherine Skinner
Andrew Wallerstein and Mary Sloane

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