Thank You

We would like to acknowledge the generous individuals who have made an early commitment to The Centennial Campaign (as of 8/10/17)

Lorin and David Abbey
Ann Neuberger Aceves
Cathy Allen
Ann Griffith Ash
M. Carlotta Baca
The Barker Welfare Foundation
Anne and Jeff Bingaman
Elizabeth Boeckman
Cynthia and Bruce Bolene
Dorothy Bracey and Tom Johnson
Lynn G. and Norman Brown
Rebecca Carrier
Sharon Curran-Wescott and Earle “Skip”Wescott
Christie Davis
Sherry and Jim Davis
Rosalind and Lowell Doherty
George Duncan and Sheryl Kelsey
Karen and Stephen Durkovich
Shiela and Kirk Ellis
Bobbie Foshay
Ed and Maria Gale
George Goldstein
Pat and Jim Hall
Chris and Scott Hall
Valerie and Bud Hamilton
Roddie and Steve Harris
Kay Harvey
Susie and C.T. Herman
Nicole A. Hixon
Stephen and Jane Hochberg
Rae Hoffacker
Frank and Ruth Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. H. Earl Hoover II
Peggy and Tom Hubbard
Mary Anne and Bruce Larsen
John Locke

Dana and Jim Manning
Helene Singer Merrin
Robin and Meade Martin
David Matthews
Christine and Drew McDermott
Bill Miller
Carol and George Miraben
Cindy Miscikowski
Yvonne A. Montoya
Beverly and Mike Morris
Mark Naylor and Dale Gunn
Kay and Bill Neuhaus
Nancy Ziegler Nodelman and Dwight Strong
Bob Nurock*
Michael Ogg and Barabara Doroba-Ogg
Trudy and Dennis O’Toole
Ashlyn and Dan Perry
A. Edwin and Eugenia Pettit Family
Charitable Fund
PNM Foundation
Leta and Joseph Regezi
Jerry Richardson
Lawrence Fodor and John Rochester
Frauke and Keith Roth
Jenna and Wilson Scanlan
Harriet and Karl Schreiner
Nan Schwanfelder
Judy and Bob Sherman
Marian Silver
Nancy Meem Wirth
Claire and Jim Woodcock
and those who wish to remain anonymous


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